29 C.F.R. § 779.316 Establishments Outside "Retail Concept" Not Within Statutory Definition; Lack First Requirement

LibraryCode of Federal Regulations
CurrencyCurrent through December 31, 2023
Citation29 C.F.R. § 779.316

The term "retail" is alien to some businesses or operations. For example, transactions of an insurance company are not ordinarily thought of as retail transactions. The same is true of an electric power company selling electrical energy to private consumers. As to establishments of such businesses, therefore, a concept of retail selling or servicing does not exist. That it was the intent of Congress to exclude such businesses from the term "retail or service establishment" is clearly demonstrated by the legislative history of the 1949 amendments and by the judicial construction given said term both before and after the 1949 amendments. It also should be noted from the judicial pronouncements that a "retail concept" cannot be artificially created in an industry in which there is no traditional concept of retail selling or servicing. (95 Cong. Rec. pp. 1115, 1116, 12502, 12506, 21510, 14877, and 14889; Mitchell v. Kentucky Finance Co.,359 U.S. 290; Phillips Co. v. Walling,324 U.S. 490; Kirschbaum Co. v. Walling,316 U.S. 517; Durkin v. Joyce Agency, Inc., 110 F. Supp. 918 (N.D. Ill.) affirmed sub nom Mitchell v. Joyce Agency, Inc., 348 U.S. 945; Goldberg v. Roberts 291 F. 2d 532 (CA-9); Wirtz v. Idaho Sheet Metal Works, 335 F. 2d 952 (CA-9), affirmed in 383 U.S. 190; Telephone Answering Service v. Goldberg, 290 F. 2d 529 (CA-1).) It is plain, therefore, that the term "retail or service establishment" as used in the Act does not encompass establishments in industries lacking a "retail concept". Such...

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