24 CFR 91.505 - Amendments to the consolidated plan.

Updated to:April 2013

Title 24: Housing and Urban Development

Subtitle A: Office of the Secretary, Department of Housing and Urban Development


Subpart F: Other General Requirements

91.505 - Amendments to the consolidated plan.

(a) Amendments to the plan. The jurisdiction shall amend its approved plan whenever it makes one of the following decisions:

(1) To make a change in its allocation priorities or a change in the method of distribution of funds;

(2) To carry out an activity, using funds from any program covered by the consolidated plan (including program income), not previously described in the action plan; or

(3) To change the purpose, scope, location, or beneficiaries of an activity.

(b) Criteria for substantial amendment. The jurisdiction shall identify in its citizen participation plan the criteria it will use for determining what constitutes a substantial amendment. It is these substantial amendments that are subject to a citizen participation process, in accordance with the jurisdiction's citizen participation plan. (See ?? 91.105 and 91.115.)

(c) Submission to HUD. (1) Upon completion, the jurisdiction must make the amendment public and must notify HUD that an amendment has been made. The jurisdiction may submit a copy of each amendment to HUD as it occurs, or at the end of the program year. Letters transmitting copies of amendments must be signed by the official representative of the jurisdiction authorized to take such action.

(2) See subpart B of this part for the public notice procedures applicable to substantial amendments. For any amendment affecting the HOPWA program that would involve acquisition, rehabilitation, conversion, lease, repair or construction of properties to provide housing, an environmental review of the revised proposed use of funds must be completed by HUD in accordance with 24 CFR 574.510.

(Approved by the Office of Management and Budget under control number 2506-0117)