18 CFR 707.5 - Policy.

Updated to:April 2013

Title 18: Conservation of Power and Water Resources



Subpart A: General

707.5 - Policy.

(a) General. The WRC and the RBC's administer certain programs that must comply with both NEPA and the P&S. Generally, the environmental analysis done during the development of the Environmental Quality (EQ) account under the P&S partially overlaps the analysis required in an EIS, presenting an opportunity for integration. The requirements of NEPA and the P&S will be carried out by integrating the two processes to the fullest extent practicable and by combining to the fullest extent practicable the Environmental Assessment or, when required, Environmental Impact Statement, with each study or plan into a single document that will comply fully with the requirements of both processes, as provided by the CEQ NEPA regulations (40 CFR 1502.10 and 1506.4).

(b) Public participation. For each environmental assessment and impact statement, the appropriate RFO will establish a specific program and schedule for public participation of all interested parties in the NEPA process, and shall otherwise provide for public involvement in accordance with the CEQ NEPA regulations (40 CFR 1506.6).

(c) Environmental Impact Statements. Environmental Impact Statements (EIS's) as required under Section 102(2)(C) of NEPA will be prepared by river basin commissions, interagency committee, or WRC coordinating committees for comprehensive coordinated joint plans and regional or river basin (Level B) plans, or revisions thereof. The Environmental Impact Statement will be prepared concurrently with the preparation of the study or plan. The statement will reflect the level of planning involved and will address those environmental considerations and alternatives relevant to decisionmaking at that level (see ? 707.9 Tiering). Review and comment on the draft study or plan and the incorporated draft environmental impact statement will be performed simultaneously, and the final combined report will incorporate and discuss the comments received on the draft.