40 CFR 63.1354 - Reporting requirements.

Updated to:July 2013

Title 40: Protection of Environment




Subpart LLL: National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants From the Portland Cement Manufacturing Industry

: Notification, Reporting and Recordkeeping

63.1354 - Reporting requirements.

(a) The reporting provisions of subpart A of this part that apply and those that do not apply to owners or operators of affected sources subject to this subpart are listed in Table 1 of this subpart. If any State requires a report that contains all of the information required in a report listed in this section, the owner or operator may send the Administrator a copy of the report sent to the State to satisfy the requirements of this section for that report.

(b) The owner or operator of an affected source shall comply with the reporting requirements specified in ? 63.10 of the general provisions of this part 63, subpart A as follows:

(1) As required by ? 63.10(d)(2), the owner or operator shall report the results of performance tests as part of the notification of compliance status.

(2) As required by ? 63.10(d)(3), the owner or operator of an affected source shall report the opacity results from tests required by ? 63.1349.

(3) As required by ? 63.10(d)(4), the owner or operator of an affected source who is required to submit progress reports as a condition of receiving an extension of compliance under ? 63.6(i) shall submit such reports by the dates specified in the written extension of compliance.

(4)?(5) [Reserved]

(6) As required by ? 63.10(e)(2), the owner or operator shall submit a written report of the results of the performance evaluation for the continuous monitoring system required by ? 63.8(e). The owner or operator shall submit the report simultaneously with the results of the performance test.

(7) As required by ? 63.10(e)(2), the owner or operator of an affected source using a continuous opacity monitoring system to determine opacity compliance during any performance test required under ? 63.7 and described in ? 63.6(d)(6) shall report the results of the continuous opacity monitoring system performance evaluation conducted under ? 63.8(e).

(8) As required by ? 63.10(e)(3), the owner or operator of an affected source equipped with a continuous emission monitor shall submit an excess emissions and continuous monitoring system performance report for any event when the continuous monitoring system data indicate the source is not in compliance with the applicable emission limitation or operating parameter limit.

(9) The owner or operator shall submit a summary report semiannually which contains the information specified in ? 63.10(e)(3)(vi). In addition, the summary report shall include:

(i) All exceedences of maximum control device inlet gas temperature limits specified in ? 63.1344(a) and (b);

(ii) All failures to calibrate thermocouples and other temperature sensors as required under ? 63.1350(f)(7) of this subpart; and

(iii) All failures to maintain the activated carbon injection rate, and the activated carbon injection carrier gas flow rate or pressure drop, as applicable, as required under ? 63.1344(c).

(iv) The results of any combustion system component inspections conducted within the reporting period as required under ? 63.1350(i).

(v) All failures to comply with any provision of the operation and maintenance plan developed in accordance with ? 63.1350(a).

(vi) For each PM, HCl, Hg, and THC CEMS or Hg sorbent trap monitoring system, within 60 days after the reporting periods, you must submit reports to the EPA's WebFIRE database by using the Compliance and Emissions Data Reporting Interface (CEDRI) that is accessed through the EPA's Central Data Exchange (CDX) (www.epa.gov/cdx). You must use the appropriate electronic reporting form in CEDRI or provide an alternate electronic file consistent with the EPA's reporting form output format. For each reporting period, the reports must include all of the calculated 30-operating day rolling average values derived from the CEMS or Hg sorbent trap monitoring systems.

(vii) In response to each violation of an emissions standard or established operating parameter limit, the date, duration and description of each violation and the specific actions taken for each violation including inspections, corrective actions and repeat performance tests and the results of those actions.

(10) If the total continuous monitoring system downtime for any CEM or any continuous monitoring system (CMS) for the reporting period is ten percent or greater of the total operating time for the reporting period, the owner or operator shall submit an excess emissions and continuous monitoring system performance report along with the summary report.

(c) Reporting a failure to meet a standard due to a malfunction. For each failure to meet a standard or emissions limit caused by a malfunction at an affected source, you must report the failure in the semi-annual compliance report required by ? 63.1354(b)(9). The report must contain the date, time and duration, and the cause of each event (including unknown cause, if applicable), and a sum of the number of events in the reporting period. The report must list for each event the affected source or equipment, an estimate of the volume of each regulated pollutant emitted over the emission limit for which the source failed to meet a standard, and a description of the method used to estimate the emissions. The report must also include a description of actions taken by an owner or operator during a malfunction of an affected source to minimize emissions in accordance with ? 63.1348(d), including actions taken to correct a malfunction.

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