48 CFR 1852.245-71 - Installation-accountable Government property.

Updated to:December 2005





1852.245 - 71 - Installation - accountable Government property.

As prescribed in 1845.10670(b), insert the following clause: Installation-Accountable Government Property (JUN 1998) (a) The Government property described in the clause at 1852.24577, List of Installation-Accountable Property and Services, shall be made available to the contractor on a no-charge basis for use in performance of this contract. This property shall be utilized only within the physical confines of the NASA installation that provided the property.

Under this clause, the Government retains accountability for, and title to, the property, and the contractor assumes the following user responsibilities: [Insert contractor user responsibilities].

The contractor shall establish and adhere to a system of written procedures for compliance with these user responsibilities. Such procedures must include holding employees liable, when appropriate, for loss, damage, or destruction of Government property.

(b)(1) The official accountable recordkeeping, physical inventory, financial control, and reporting of the property subject to this clause shall be retained by the Government and accomplished by the installation Supply and Equipment Management Officer (SEMO) and Financial Management Officer. If this contract provides for the contractor to acquire property, title to which will vest in the Government, the following additional procedures apply: (i) The contractor's purchase order shall require the vendor to deliver the property to the installation central receiving area; (ii) The contractor shall furnish a copy of each purchase order, prior to delivery by the vendor, to the installation central receiving area; (iii) The contractor shall establish a record of the property as required by FAR 45.5 and 1845.5 and furnish to the Industrial Property Officer a DD Form 1149 Requisition and Invoice/Shipping Document (or installation equivalent) to transfer accountability to the Government within 5 working days after receipt of the property by the contractor.

The contractor is accountable for all contractor-acquired property until the property is transferred to the Government's accountability.

(iv) Contractor use of Government property at an off-site location and off-site subcontractor use require advance approval of the contracting officer and notification of the SEMO. The contractor shall assume accountability and financial reporting responsibility for such property.

The contractor shall establish records and property control procedures and maintain the property in accordance with the requirements of FAR Part 45.5 until its return to the installation.

(2) After transfer of accountability to the Government, the contractor shall continue to maintain such internal records as are necessary to execute the user responsibilities identified in paragraph (a) and document the acquisition, billing, and disposition of the property.

These records and supporting documentation shall be made available, upon request, to the SEMO and any other authorized representatives of the contracting officer.

(End of clause) Alternate I (NOV 2004) As prescribed in 1845.10670(b)(4), substitute the following for paragraph (b)(1)(i) of the basic clause: (i) The contractor shall not utilize the installation's central receiving facility for receipt of Contractor-acquired property. However, the Contractor shall provide listings suitable for establishing accountable records of all such property received, on a quarterly basis, to the Contracting Officer and the Supply and Equipment Management Officer.

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